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Fire Survivor Jacket Drag Gold

Fire Survivor Jacket Drag Gold XS - 4XL

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Fire Survivor with drag rescue device. Equipment based on Fire Survivor Bear without loop system, stripes varying, one upper arm radio pocket.


Certified according to:

EN 1149-5:2008
EN 469:2005+A1:2006 xf2 xr2 y2 z2 Anhang B


X-Treme® light

Out layer

Nomex® NXT


Dark Blue


XS – 4XL

The innovative material composition


When fighting fires, two serious dangers are direct flames and heat radiation. If the heat penetrates the material of the protective clothing, it can lead to burns to the body. The thermal insulation can delay this decisively – by just those few seconds that are required. Therefore, TEXPORT® has developed the material composition X-TREME®. X-TREME® offers notably more protection and comfort (thanks to its innovative material composition and new high-tech intermediate layer) than is required by the European EN 469 norm. The heat radiation is blocked for a long period of time.


X-Treme® light

X-TREME® light offers heat protection that significantly exceeds the values set out in the European norm EN 469, whether in direct contact with flames or heat radiation. When developing X-TREME light, the focus has been strongly on the weight. X-TREME® light combines excellent protection with significantly improved comfort, supported by the material’s light weight.


Composition with dual membrane system

The GORE® PARALLON® system combines two laminates that function as moisture barriers for the first time, between which the thermal protective layer is bedded. This design guarantees high breathability and quickly wicks the moisture away from the skin. At the same time, it prevents moisture from outside from permeating. The insulation layer remains as dry as possible and offers reliable protection from heat.

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