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Automatic conventional fire detection and fire alarm control panel.

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This fire control panel provides different versions to fit more accurately to the needs of each facility:

  • CLVR 02Z: CLVR Control panel up to 2 zones.
  • CLVR 04Z: CLVR Control panel up to 4 zones.
  • CLVR 08Z: CLVR Control panel up to 8 zones.
  • CLVR 12Z: CLVR Control panel up to 12 zones.

CLVR control panels features are common in all its models.

·        Control panels up to 12 zones for conventional detectors and call points use.

·        2 supervised sounder outputs, delayed from 0 to 10 minutes, and protected by a fuse.

·        1 alarm output through a dry contact NO/NC (normally open / normally closed).

·        1 fault output through a dry contact NO/NC (normally open / normally closed).

·        2 auxiliary outputs 30V/DC supervised and protected by a fuse to feed external (magnetic fire doors, sounders, etc).

·        Available testing mode to facilitate the quick and easy verification of the sensors and call points.

·        It allows to configure the open line, alarm detector and alarm call point threshold, to adjust to the operation with other detectors.

·        It allows to configure the last detection zone as a supervision input of a external protection fire system with a fault indication.

·        Metallic chest with frontal bolted door, 4 predrilled of 28 mm and one rectangular else of 140 x 20 mm for electric wiring and space for 2 batteries of 7Ah.

·        RS485 MODBUS protocol on-demand.

·        Possibility of software ON-LINE on PC using MODBUS functionality.

·        CONTACTID on-demand.

·        Certified according to EN 54-2 & EN 54-4 standards and  CE mark.



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