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Standalone Wifi Smoke Detector detector AW-D611W

The Standalone Wifi Smoke Detector detector is a photo-detector that uses the most advanced optical sensing chamber.It is designed to provide open area protection without wiring, and it is easy to install and construct. 

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When a fire alarm occurs, the indicator light will continue to light up, the buzzer will sound for a long time and the alarm data will continue to be sent to the cloud via Wifi, and the cloud will issue an APP alarm until the APP terminal is reset. When the battery is at a low voltage, the indicator light will flash, the buzzer will beep, and the data will be sent to the cloud via Wifi once and will be sent to the APP.. The test button, indicator light, and buzzer can be used together for different tests and settings

Standalone Wifi Smoke Detector detector Routine operation:
1) Button test: Under normal circumstances, click the button, the buzzer will beep once, and the LED will flash 2 times, indicating that the device is operating normally. 
2) Silence: Click the button under the fire alarm to silence the sound for 5 minutes, counting from the first silence, and it is not allowed to continue silence after 15 minutes. 
3) Fire alarm reset: press and hold the button for 3 seconds under fire alarm to reset

The red indicator light on the detector can provide a full range of visibility alarm. Flashes once every minute, indicating that the detector is working.
Standalone Wifi Smoke Detector detector characteristics
Surface mounting
Loud sound warning
LED indicator
No wire connection(easy to install)
Automatic alarm for low battery voltage
Compatible with the latest EN-14604 standards

Wifi operation instructions:
1) Wi-Fi is powered on for the first time, initialized, wait for 3-5 seconds, wait for the module to return to Wi-Fi status, and perform related operations according to Wi-Fi status:
A. Intelligent distribution network, AP distribution network mode: it means that the module has not been equipped
with a network after the previous reset, and a new network is needed. Keep the network status, and the indicator light keeps flashing fast or slowly. 
B. The network is configured, but not connected to wifi or connected to wifi, but not connected to the cloud: Wait for wifi to connect to the cloud, if it is still not connected after 20s, Dididi will report a fault for 1 minute and then enter sleep, at least keep it on Electricity can be connected to the router for the first time
C. connected to the cloud: report the status once, then turn off the wifi and enter sleep.
Wireless test: Under normal circumstances, long press the button for 3 seconds to activate wireless and report dataonce. 
Wireless network configuration (or reset to re-configure network, or switch network configuration mode): When the network is not configured, long press for 3 seconds to enter the network configuration mode, and long press again for 3 seconds to switch to the network configuration mode; if the network is configured, long press 10 Seconds reset.

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